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6 Best Free Online Cybersecurity Courses

The adoption of technological innovation and the initiation of the digital age has made virtual space a non-negotiable reality of the professional realm, extending across multitudinous sectors, throughout the entire world. While embracing and adapting to the evolving realities of operating across the digital space is absolutely imperative, it is also necessary, alongside, to take into account the perils that come with embracing the fruits of technology.

The availability of expansive data, across varied fields, for instance, makes cyberterrorism or the breach of sensitive information, a glaring concern of the present age that cannot be negated at any cost. Taking into account the widespread cases of a variety of cyberattacks across the globe such as phishing scams, ransomware, and malware, the importance of learning the nuances of cybersecurity, cannot perhaps be overstated.

While the insurgence of the pandemic and the increasing reliance on the virtual space has provided cyber offenders the opportunity to target and violate the privacy of those particularly vulnerable more so than ever before, an understanding of the working mechanism of cybersecurity is the only plausible remedy to counter such attacks and ensure the protection and security of sensitive information.

As a working professional looking for the appropriate tools and technology to identify, counter, combat and mitigate crimes related to cyberattacks, the key is to choose the absolute best of courses available online.

In order to help you assess potential threats and strengthen the privacy of your sensitive data better than ever before, here is a list of free online cybersecurity courses that you must check out before making your final pick.

The fact that these courses are available free of cost, further ensures that you can embark on your learning journey, right this moment, without the financial brunt of any of it, holding you back in any way.

1.Introduction to Cybersecurity & Risk Management
If you are looking for online cybersecurity courses that will cumulatively provide you with an understanding of the operational nature of cyberattacks and provide you with the appropriate tools and techniques to actively combat such invasions, this course, available on Programs Online, might just be the one for you. Provided by the University of California, Irvine, this program will not only arm you with basic core concepts of cybersecurity but also acquaint you with the pertinent apparatus required for your organization to implement and effectively counter cyberterrorism in practical, ground-level scenarios.

2.Cybersecurity Awareness and Innovation
Assessing risks associated with cybersecurity warrants you to have an overall understanding of the magnitude and extent of the challenge that cyber threats pose. The case-study approach of this particular program from EIT Digital will help you to equip yourself and your enterprise better so as to counter and prevent the breach of data altogether, thereby, making it an ideal choice to feature among your top picks of online cybersecurity programs.

3.Cybersecurity Compliance Framework & System Administration
As a professional looking to adopt cybersecurity measures within your organization, it is essential for you to understand the operational procedure, the scope, the outreach, and the efficacy of such measures in practical scenarios. This program, provided by IBM, will specifically acquaint you with the entry points that cyber offenders can target so as to violate the privacy of sensitive data, thereby helping you provide better security and protection to your organization.

4.Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business
The alarming breach of privacy in this data-oriented reality warrants you to analyze and understand potential risks that come with operating in the virtual space, at large. If you are looking for a program that will specifically provide you with an all-encompassing insight into the plausible cyber threats that you might encounter in the course of conducting business operations and arm you with the knowledge of appropriate preventive measures alongside, this is one of the online courses in cybersecurity that you cannot afford to miss out on, at any cost.

5.Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation
While assessing the nature and implication of potential cyber threats is acutely important in terms of identification of such threats, learning the remedy to counter and combat each of those, is equally crucial, as well. Among the best of free online cybersecurity courses, this is one option on Coursera that will specifically impart you with the knowledge of pertinent solution-centric apparatus to effectively combat cybersecurity challenges, taking into account the functional nature and operational procedure of the present professional realm.

6.Building a Cybersecurity Toolkit
The bounds of theoretical knowledge of the nuances of cybersecurity only prove to be effective in specific case-bound scenarios. However, practical scenarios of the breach of cybersecurity warrant a remedial approach that is flexible and adaptive to cope with and actively counter the ever-altering nature of cyberthreats across varied domains.

This solution-centric course, available on edX, will equip you with the agility to reformulate your cybersecurity solutions from time to time taking into account the shifting nature and focus of such challenges. Besides being available for free, the fact that this is one of the online cybersecurity courses that provides you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace is yet another reason to go ahead and check it out before you make your final pick.

Take Away
The increasing reliance on technology and the digital space has made sensitive data and information vulnerable and prone to attacks more so than ever before. While combating the myriad of cyberthreats operating across the globe seems too daunting a concept, subscribing to these online cybersecurity courses will provide you with the right tools and techniques to prevent any undue invasion in your operational mechanism, thereby allowing your venture to survive and thrive more so than ever before.


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