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10 Best Free Online Programs in Technology

Developing skills related to technology is an absolute imperative in today’s world. Here is a list of top 10 free online programs in technology.

It is never too late to start learning a new skill, whether it is for the purpose of seeking a redirection in terms of career trajectory, bagging that overdue raise, or making your resume stand apart. Especially considering how various online platforms have made learning professionally relevant technological skills from the comfort of your home a cakewalk, there is no reason for you to not take that plunge.

Not only do these platforms offer programs that are credible, content-rich, and designed by renowned experts but they also come with the provision of free courses for learners to choose from. With practically no burden of financial investment attached, you will be provided with the best of learner-friendly content and material to develop skills in tech-related areas such as Data Science, Python, Computer Science, and others with relative ease.

Is there anything more that you could wish for?

In case, however, you find the endless options available on the internet a bit too intimidating to make your perfect pick, here is a list of top 10 best free online programs in technology that has been curated for your convenience taking into account variegated factors such as relevance, quality, content, and so on.

Read on to find more about these before you choose the one that's meant just for you.

1. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

Available on Coursera, this course is designed so as to equip you with automation, management of configuration, Python programming, its fundamental concepts, and basic data structures to name just a few.

Among the free online programs in technology, this is one all-encompassing course which comes with a flexible schedule that is meant to let you learn at your own pace, provides a certificate on completion, will enable you to analyze issues in real-world scenarios and employ suitable strategies for the resolution of the same.

2. CS50's Introduction to Computer Science

This introductory program, offered by Harvard University on edX, is a great place to boost your understanding of computer science and programming.

Apart from arming you with an awareness of languages such as Python, C, and SQL through regular assignments, this course will also address concepts such as web development, management of resources and algorithm, all of which is meant to augment your efficiency and boost your problem-solving ability, at the same time.

3. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This professional certificate course, available on Coursera, has been crafted to address the fundamentals of data science, its methodology and implementation with Python.

Apart from the fact that this is a course available free of cost for learners at large, it also comes with remarkable added attributes as graded quizzes for you to analyze your progress, determine your subsequent learning steps and even to help you implement all that you learned via projects, as you learn along.

4. Python for Everybody Specialization

If you had been meaning to learn the basics of Python for a long time, your search for the most perfect and credible course ends right here. Provided by the University of Michigan on Coursera, this program will enable you to learn the basics of this programming language and even utilize its core tools so as to store and retrieve information.

The flexible schedule, as well as the certificate, are key incentives that are meant to aid and boost you in your journey as you learn a skill that is sure to impress your recruiters, in the long run.

5. Data Analytics

Considering the ever-increasing importance of data in the world at large, this popular course on LinkedIn Learning is a wise option for those seeking to learn the basic concepts related to data analysis as well as the technical know-how of reporting the same.

The techniques that you will learn for charting and repurposing data will not only enable you to make better-informed decisions for your organization but will also enable you to augment the success of your enterprise by arming you with the secrets of productivity-boosting shortcuts and related tips, as well.

6. Data Science: Machine Learning

Have you been hearing a lot about the efficiency of machine learning recently? Well, then, you must give this course on edX a try to learn about algorithm-based data prediction and how to analyze them for identifying potential relationships.

Besides, this is one option among in-demand online programs in technology which will also arm you with the knowledge of regularisation, its efficiency, and the basics of creating a recommendation system that will augment your expertise in the art of machine learning.

7. Introduction to Cloud Computing

Available on Udemy, this course acquaints you with a concise understanding of Cloud Computing. The learner-friendly online content has been crafted so as to provide you with an idea of related concepts through a simplistic approach coupled with instances from the real world so as to help you understand better without having to bear any financial brunt while doing so. Now, doesn't that sound like an absolute steal?

8. Business Technology Management Specialization

In order to secure a competitive edge over others, you must be aware of the basic know-how of how to leverage technology.

This program on Coursera, which comes with a flexible schedule and detailed content, will arm you with an understanding of not just IT but also such concepts as business analytics, transformation, and models, each of which are meant to aid the success and boost the efficiency of your business as a whole.

9. New Technologies for Business Leaders

Provided by Coursera, this program is meant to understand the implications of new technologies on functions of the business such as finance, marketing, and so on. Available at free of cost with the provision of a will enable you to employ the same in your organization and thereby, improve customer engagement at large.

10. Excel Skills for Business Specialization

This specialization, available on Coursera, has been crafted in order to equip you with the art of validation of data, to analyze it, and then present it. The beginner-friendly online content will also allow you to utilize functions so as to perform data calculations and further your professional credibility, on the whole.

Even though developing new tech-related skills might seem challenging, it is essential to remember that these skills will enhance your professional credibility and prospects of your career progress, in the long run.

This list of free online programs in technology is sure to make the process of decision-making somewhat easier so as to enable you to choose just the right program that will aid your success in the days to come.


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