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6 Best Social Media Analyst Courses to Boost Career Growth

Here’s a list of top 6 courses for social media analysts that are designed to surely induce a boost in career growth.

Not very long ago, it was difficult to imagine social media as an independent industry; today it is one of the most thriving fields around the globe. As a result, careers as social media analysts with work related to social media marketing or analysis is perhaps one of the wisest decisions that you can make that would be economically lucrative, flexible and fulfilling, for you and your organization, all at the same time.

Yet, to start off, it is extremely important to choose the right courses for social media analysts that will not only make your resume stand out in the competitive arena of the job market but will also sharpen your skills and enhance your abilities to put your best foot forward.

In the field of social media marketing or as an analyst, you will be expected to make the best use of the data available so as to produce and implement informed business decisions that will affect the future of enterprises and organizations. However, choosing the right programs or courses for social media analysts best suited for you from the myriad of online platforms available, might seem to be a daunting task.

In order to make your job simpler, below is a list of the best available online courses that would boost your career in the field of social media marketing or as an analyst. Read on to find out more about the learning platforms and the courses that you must check out before you choose your right fit.

1. Social Media Marketing - Complete Certificate Course
Offered by Udemy, this program targets learners of every sort, right from absolute beginners to those aspiring for advanced understanding. This course is meant to provide clarity on the basic foundations of social media and the ways that they can be employed so as to better customer services and marketing, at large.

It will enable you to design a proper social media strategy that will suit your organization the best as well as to understand the associated risks. Equipped with in-depth articles and downloadable resources, this course will provide users with lifetime access and is, therefore, an absolute must if you are seeking to bolster your skills related to social media marketing or as an analyst.

2. Social Media Data Analytics
From the courses for social media analysts, this one available on Coursera, will enable you to make use of different Application Programming Interface services to collect and evaluate data from platforms like YouTube and others. It will further enable learners to analyze and interpret the data using credible methods and to employ tools for the subsequent purposes of research and development.

This course will not only enable you to start a new and lucrative career but will also help in furthering your career. You will be able to garner pay raises and increase profits for your organization by providing benefits that will help in understanding and evaluating the services or products and the response that those generate among consumers. If you are keen to learn more about marketing tools and leverage that for your organization, this is just the program that you should enroll yourself in.

3. Social Media Analytics with Python
If your business is driven towards truly understanding your customer needs and their opinions related to the services and products you provide, this is one of the courses for social media analysts on Skillshare that is just the one for you. This program acquaints you with the marketing tools and the ways in which they can be employed to analyze and interpret data, and accordingly make informed decisions. This course encompasses everything from simplistic histograms to techniques that advanced learners seek.

4. Marketing Through the Internet and Social Media
Available on Alison, this program enables learners to understand SWOT analysis in social media marketing, conduct the related research for an enterprise, and make business-driven decisions accordingly. This program is aimed to empower you to launch a social media campaign that is best suited for your organization and to educate you to mold and adapt varied marketing tools and data so as to leverage your business's needs.

Besides, by acquainting you with the associated risks as well, it also provides an understanding of secure practices related to social media marketing and is thus, one of the all-encompassing courses for social media analysts that you should definitely check out before deciding on your pick.

5. Social Media Monitoring: Strategies and Skills
Provided by LinkedIn Learning, this course is one that teaches users to employ social media monitoring to determine an enterprise's social media campaign, in order to better customer service, and discern untrodden opportunities. Arming you with the knowledge of essential monitoring apps that augment the profits of your enterprise, this program is also meant to educate you on how to identify issues related to the social media image of an enterprise and to develop relevant solutions.

6. Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques
A part of Wharton's digital marketing professional certificate, this course available on edX is meant to arm you with real-world applications of marketing tools and acquaint you with the potential benefits that can be reaped from carefully analyzing data. In case you are aiming to design or revamp the social media strategy of your organization, this program might just be the perfect fit for you. It will enable you to make business-driven decisions based on a thorough analysis of the available data and thereby, yield remarkable solutions.

Through these courses for social media analysts, you can equip yourself with the essential skills to augment the profits of your enterprise. These online courses related to social media marketing and analysis are the perfect choices to explore before you take the final plunge and enroll yourself in the course that suits you best.


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