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6 Best Online Learning Platforms to Boost Your Career Growth

The insurgence of Covid-19 around the globe and the subsequent norm of social distancing that it brought upon, has made online learning a non-negotiable convention in this altered reality. The very same has also induced an exponential growth in the outreach and popularity of best online learning platforms for those looking to adopt new skills such as cloud computing and for getting used to new technologies that would further career growth.

It is important to bear in mind that in order to attain professional progress, developing such marketable skills is absolutely mandatory in a world that, post the pandemic, has become even more integrated with technology. So, if you are someone seeking to learn these skills to advance in your career, we have the ideal list of online platforms compiled just for you.

Besides providing a range of professional courses and programs to choose from, online learning platforms also come armed with a myriad of other advantages in terms of efficacy, affordability, flexibility and are even far less time-consuming than their traditional counterparts.

The list has been compiled taking into account a number of benchmarks such as a variety of lucrative programs, course content and features, user-friendly aspects, tech support, flexibility, and so on. Read on to find out more about the best online learning platforms that would make the process of learning a useful skill far more enjoyable and easier.

1. Alison

In case you are looking for an affordable option that would not compromise on the quality of content provided, Alison is just the online platform that you should opt for. With experts from acclaimed institutions and organizations as Cambridge, Yale, Microsoft, and so on, this is one course platform that abides by the ideals of promoting free knowledge.

Not only does Alison provide a considerable amount of remarkable content absolutely free, even if you opt for any of the certificate courses, you would also find them affordable and extremely pertinent in terms of career advancement. As for marketable skills such as cloud computing, specifically, there is a myriad of courses to choose from.

Certificate courses such as the ones on Google Cloud Computing Foundation, Software Defined Networking and Cloud Computing or for that matter, Introduction to Mobile and Cloud Computing are ideal options to choose from to boost your career growth by acquiring a commendable grasp and by attaining an in-depth understanding of the same.

2. Udemy

There's no other online program platform that provides as many choices in terms of the variety of courses as Udemy does. In case you are looking for specific courses that would align with your personal requirements, this is the platform for you.

As for developing cloud computing skills, a necessity in today's professional scape, you can choose from a variety of courses that Udemy offers. There are every kind of courses ranging from Introduction to Cloud Computing to ones dealing with Cloud Computing Concepts. To cater to the specific needs of learners there are even options such as programs in Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing with Java and Complete Python for Data Science and Cloud Computing.

As we said, this is one platform that would spoil you in terms of the choices available and that, too, at prices that would almost seem too good to be true.

3. Coursera

This is another platform known for the quality of content that it provides because of its close alliance with leading educational institutions from all over the world. Although initially the programs in Coursera were rooted specifically in fields related to science and technology, at present, however, they cater to a myriad variety and kinds of courses related to variegated subjects and disciplines.

This is an online program platform that truly provides users with the essence of an accurate learning experience as well as certified programs that are sure to contribute to your career growth by helping you further your career and getting you the raise that you long wanted.

The courses available range from ones that cater to the needs of beginners seeking to develop in-demand skills such as An Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IoT) to even advanced programs such as the ones dealing with Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform. The courses come equipped with assignments and quizzes to ensure that you truly master the desired skill and attain the career growth that you have set as your sole objective.

4. LinkedIn Learning

The advantage of the LinkedIn Learning platform lies in the concise but comprehensive programs that it offers to clear concepts and arm learners with an understanding of subjects that they wish to master within a short time.

Although this might be a bit more expensive than its counterparts, the visually engaging tutorials make this platform every bit worth its price. Besides, this is one online program platform most associated with developing skills that would truly cater to the requirements of employers and thereby, is sure to boost advancement in terms of your career.

If you want to learn highly sought-after skills, then there are a host of options to choose from such as the ones aimed at Understanding Cloud Fundamentals, Build Your Knowledge of Cloud Administration, IoT Foundations: Device Management, and innumerable others.

5. Udacity

In a world that is predominantly driven by technology, the significance of developing tech skills cannot be overstated. Udacity is the ideal platform for learners seeking to develop marketable skills such as cloud computing, data science, web development, and others.

The courses address all categories of learners ranging from beginners to those seeking advanced guidance. With programs oriented towards a boot camp sort of an approach, their alliance with industry partners makes this an ideal choice for those who want to take a leap forward in their career. There are provisions of innovative nanodegree programs such as Cloud Computing for Business Leaders, Cloud Native Application Architecture, and Cloud Developer to name a few.

Further, their association with acclaimed experts also guarantees that you truly learn the very best that there is by choosing this platform.

6. Programs Online

If you are looking for the most acclaimed courses related to data science, cloud computing and more, Programs Online is perhaps one of the ideal platforms to consider. Equipped with courses from leading universities and schools of management, the programs that it offers would surely add to the credibility of your resume and perhaps, even get you that pay raise or promotion you had been long seeking.

There are a host of remarkable options to choose from, in case you are aiming to augment your skills and to boost your career trajectory, such as Artificial Intelligence: Strategies for Leading Business Transformation by the Kellogg School of Management, Managing Information for Analytics by University of Virginia and Darden School of Business, to name a few.


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