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6 Powerful Ways To Update Your Resume for Future Jobs

The pandemic has, without a doubt, affected the way we work. It has exponentially transformed the desired skill sets and the requirements of enterprises and organisations, in the evolved reality. An evolved reality where the future of work has the lasting effects of the current change in work dynamics. Accordingly, in these altered circumstances, companies are more meticulous when it comes to the assessments of candidates.

They are looking thoroughly at past employment background, efficacy of performance in crisis periods and also seeking to comprehend how a particular candidate will stand out and accordingly deal with critical scenarios in the post-pandemic world.

Therefore, in this uncertain hour of an exacerbated competition for jobs, it is absolutely crucial for you to update your resume for future jobs before sending it into the recruiters so as to make it stand apart from the rest of the candidates.

Listed below are a few pointers that you must keep in mind, while updating your resume, taking into account the changing realities that the pandemic has invoked and the permanent effects that might have on the future of work.

1. Adjustability and flexibility is key

The global pandemic has enunciated the significance of being able to adapt and adjust to changing circumstances across varied fields. Therefore, employers, at present, are specifically looking towards inducting candidates who they believe will be flexible enough to embrace change and accordingly act with commendable foresight even in the face of acute uncertainty and in crisis scenarios.

So, your resume should convey the possession of such skills and records in order to convince the employer of your credibility. A flexible approach will also in turn imply your willingness and openness to learn new skill sets and embrace roles that you might have not been familiar with in the past. This will increase your chances of selection greatly.

2. Focus on the details

With the pandemic having wreaked colossal depredations on the economy, companies and enterprises are seeking candidates who will be sure to deliver results within a stipulated time. Therefore, to update your resume for future jobs, don’t just list your past accomplishments merely by names.

Rather, describe in detail as to how you were involved in every situation and how your particular role contributed to the success of the project or in amplifying the amount of revenue garnered.

3. Importance of remote work involvement

The Covid-19 upsurge has demonstrated the pivotal efficacy of remote technology in these changing times. Chances are high that most positions that one might be applying for, at present, will seek responsibilities related to remote work.

Therefore, stating in your resume that you have had past experiences of working remotely or managing a team remotely, will only heighten your chances of selection. Make sure that the way you handled the remote project in the past, the technology that you used and the skills that you displayed in fulfilling the particular role is properly highlighted to match the desired skill sets that enterprises will be looking for at present.

4. Nothing like a team player

Uncertain times and crisis periods are a testament to the pivotal roles that leaders play in handling challenging situations.

Therefore, in case you are applying for a leadership position, make sure to highlight in detail particular out-of-the-box problem-solving techniques or innovative solutions that you might have employed to boost your team's spirit and specifically mention the way in which it impacted the success of your team, thereafter.

Organisations will be specifically looking for candidates who can handle the leadership mantle with ease, provided they possess the required skills for coordination and teamwork.

5. Update your skills

In order to make your candidature stand out, be sure to include in your resume any new skill that you might have added to your profile during the lockdown period. Whether it might be a free courses in communication, fundamental programming or analytics, take care to not only list them out but also specifically mention how you plan on using these additional skills in fulfilling the role that you are applying for.

A convincing skill set highlighted by your resume will automatically increase the chances of your success, provided it persuades the recruiter.

6. Make your resume ATS-friendly

ATS stands for ‘applicant tracking system’ and it is a software that recruiters use in order to sort and scan through the numerous resumes that they receive. This helps them look for applicants who fit the role they need without having to actually go through hundreds of resumes.

So, writing a resume that is ATS-friendly can help get your resume noticed. You will need to employ the right combination of formatting, relevant keywords, and file type, to ensure your resume gets picked up by the recruiter to be considered.

Further, the pandemic has equally demonstrated the strong significance of soft skills in handling difficult situations and circumstances. Therefore, be sure to mention your exemplary communication skills and proactive approach when you update your resume for future jobs.

This will further boost your chances of success by implying to the recruiter that you will be an indispensable asset to their organisation, well-suited to take charge and excel in the transforming reality in the upcoming years.

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